Grid Project Website Design

One summer in Atlanta I decided to take a web design class at the Creative Circus art school. I was interested in keeping my design skills sharp while also learning new techniques to use at my fulltime job. I worked on a lot of fun projects that summer, and had the chance to practice a wide variety of design skills including branding, mobile design, content design and more. The "Grid Project" was a particularly fun project in which we had to take a website (any website) and redesign it four differnet ways in different grid systems. From left to right, the following mockups are my redesign of a ski resort website I stumbled across: 9-column grid, 12-column grid, compound grid, diamond grid. Click on an image below to view a larger version!

Creative Circuis Grid Project original Creative Circuis Grid Project 9 column Creative Circuis Grid Project 12 column Creative Circuis Grid Project grid layout
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